Voice Search SEO

How You Can Boost Your Business With the Help of Voice Search SEO?

Voice search is becoming much more common these days as we spend more time on our smartphones. It is found that 55 percent of users use voice search on mobile, and 39.4 percent use some kind of voice assistant at least once a month. A lot of people are searching for restaurants, stores, and other businesses near them. For many of us, asking queries from voice assistants has become more convenient than typing a search on Google. It can also return results faster and is more user-friendly for people who can’t type due to a disability.

What Exactly the Function of Voice Search is? 

 Voice search is a dialogue system that is designed to be a conversation between a human user and a computer interface. That interface can be your smartphone, a home smart speaker, or any other speech-enabled device. The voice assistants use a technology called natural language processing (NLP) to “learn” your speech patterns and recognize your voice over time. This technology isn’t perfect, but it’s becoming more refined. It gets better with more of its use.

Why do More People prefer to Search By Using their Voice?‌ 

One of the main reasons for voice search to become so common is its convenience. Saying an activation phrase like “Hey, Google” and asking a question the way you would in conversation, feels more natural than what you may type into a search bar. Making a search using your voice is accomplished hands-free.  For example, you’re in the kitchen midway through a baking recipe with your hands covered in flour. With the help of this function, you can ask your phone to call up the recipe steps without getting it dirty. According to data from Statista, the other reasons why people use it is because It’s more fun than a regular search and is quicker than opening an app or booting up a computer as people don’t like typing on their mobile phones.

 Therefore, it is often used by people of every age but, is becoming increasingly popular among the young generation. The businesses that like to follow the trend, will now be positioned better than their rivals to profit from Voice Search SEO from Digital Marketing Institute Noida, even if they are in the early stages.

What Distinguishes Voice Search SEO from other Search formats?

The searches with the help of voices are carried out much like a discussion with a second party. This is why, there are some significant distinctions between them and a traditional keyboard search. Let’s learn further about those differences.

  • More  Longer and Conversion Keywords

The terms of Voice search are more conversational and lengthier. The relevant keywords that you want a search engine to find are what matter when you type in a text search. But, it comes more naturally, the searches using voice typically have questions in their names.  For example, saying “gas near me” to another person is not appropriate. The voice search works exactly. It’s more probable that you’ll say, “Where’s the closest gas station?”

  • Local Listings are Favored by Voice Search

“Near me” queries, such as where the closest gas station, eatery, dry cleaner, etc. is to one’s current location, are frequently searched for via voice searches. Moreover, Google reports a 500% increase in “near me” searches with some variation of “can I buy” as well between 2016 and 2018.

Individuals were using these kinds of searches more frequently in public spaces before the pandemic to locate what they needed fast. Another common use of local voice search is to identify accommodations and places that you want to visit.

  • Conducting a Search by Voice is to the Point and Quick

The function of Voice search is specially designed to get quick results and bring an easy-to-read snippet where at the top of the page, the most useful information is given. But Why? This is because the people who are using it are most likely to do something else while they search such as cooking, driving, or more. Hence, they may need fast information. 

In this search, the same results are displayed that would have appeared at the search pages’ top of the snippet featured by Google. Not being limited to showing quicker results, a vice assistant will often even read you those results, without you having any need to look at the screen.

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What kind of Keywords are Being used by People for Making a Search by Voice?

Optimization for your presence online for voice searches means knowing what different kinds of keywords are being highly used by people for conducting searches with their voice and why. Therefore, you must consider the following points when building your own keywords strategy:

  • Question Keywords- “When, What, Why, and How”
  • Long-tail Keywords- Those are the words that you use for completing a question such as “last week” or “yesterday”.
  • Filter Phrases and Words- ‘of the, on the, for to, I” and so forth.

All these keywords adhere to the structure of voice searches which looks like a natural conversation more than a keyword search. To better understand the kinds of searches that prospective consumers of your business would conduct, you must think about the questions that you would pose to a voice assistant about your company.

Tools such as Answer the Public offer comprehensive insights about probable voice queries derived from the primary keyword. For instance, searching for the term “photography” returns results for questions like: “How does photography work? Can photography be a hobby? What equipment do I need for photography Remember to try this using a keyword that is pertinent to your company to see what kinds of inquiries you might get.

How Voice Search is Evolving so Rapidly and Popularly?

The searches by voice are changing quickly. Now, people can locate you more easily since the capabilities of these searches are becoming more sophisticated. Search artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems, such as Google Assistant, improve in deciphering the meaning of user queries as they acquire natural language patterns.

For instance, Google might display the actor Daniel Craig’s biography if you search for him. But, if you inquire “What is his age?” further, it would be understood by Google that Daniel Craig was the “he”. Hence, considering these developments is very crucial while developing your SEO plan for voice search.

What are the Strategies for Optimizing the Voice Search SEO for Your Site?

It’s very simple to determine how and why the search by voice is utilized if you know how, and where your company fits in. To get profit from searches individuals conduct on their smartphones and other smart devices, you must try the following advice.

  • Recognizing who are Your Customers

Not all users will employ voice search in the same manner or for the same purposes. To understand better how to meet your target audience where they live, you should familiarize yourself with the demographic makeup of your target audience.

For example, millennials and Gen Z are more likely than their Boomer or Gen X antecedents to be online and to utilize voice assistance more regularly. Additionally, different groups of individuals will use search by voice on different platforms; for instance, one group may use a smart speaker like Alexa, while another group may prefer mobile voice assistants.

Knowing what your audience is looking for is highly important. Generally speaking, local voice search falls into a few standard categories such as locating the address, obtaining guidance, locating the phone number of a company, discovering, and more.

These kinds of local voice search questions fall into three main categories:

  • Users who are looking for a specific kind of business employ discovery questions.
  • Direct queries: when a customer wants to contact a business directly to obtain specific information or to take specified action.
  • Questions with a specific query in mind are known as knowledge inquiries.

Similar to on-page text SEO, the secret to ranking well in search results is to build your website to address frequently asked user issues and demands.

  • Pay attention to user intent and conversational phrases

Speaking to a voice assistant or smart speaker in the same manner as they would like to communicate to another person, is more common. They’ll employ complete sentences rather than just a few keywords, so make sure to organize your content correctly.

You should consider the typical queries that customers would use to find your company via voice search. Many of the inquiries which are related should be addressed on your page and in your business listing. You may, for instance, make your website and company listing more visible for searches like “coffee shops near me”,  or “What are the best coffee shops in this area?”

  1. Making Your Page Easy to Categorize, use Schema Markup.

In addition to backlinking and targeted keywords, you can even employ various strategies to inform web crawlers—software that scans pages such as the purpose and questions that your website addresses. Schema markup is a tool that makes it very simple for you to use this process. They are extensions for HTML websites that you may use to provide labels to the crawlers of the web.

They notify search engines like Google and others about the areas of your website that correspond well with user queries. By making the defining markup for your website, web crawlers can classify it correctly, which improves SEO optimization.

  • Create a thorough FAQ page.‌

A FAQ page is a clear method to address as many pertinent queries as you can without filling it with keywords. It can respond to frequently asked inquiries about your company, adding value and authority to your website. “Who, what, when, where, and how” are search terms that are frequently used, so think about including these in your responses. To maximize lengthier terms that are frequently used in voice search, you should craft conversational responses to each query.

However, with the help of Best Digital Marketing Institute, you can make sure your FAQ page loads quickly, is easy to access and works properly. Every query and response ought to be prominently labelled. It’s a good idea to include a mechanism for customers to contact you if they have any more questions after the transaction to enhance their overall experience.

  • Make Local Voice Search Optimizations‌

To locate your business close to where the customers currently are, where they want to visit, or where they live, the majority of individuals will use voice search. So, getting your page optimized for local and mobile search helps drive these consumers to your company. The following elements support a company’s visibility in local voice search:

  • Near the searcher
  • regular positive evaluations
  • Regular citations of their website and content Interaction with users on social media entries in local directories according to industry

Moreover, it’s important to update your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. Try to include as many details as you can, such as reviews, pertinent keywords for your site description, and images of your company. Don’t leave any field empty because the more data Google has, the more it likely is to include your business searches in others. You may also optimize for numerous voice assistants by claiming your business profiles across various platforms.

  • Making Mobile-Friendly Adjustments

People are most likely to carry their smartphones when they are out and about. This indicates that they are more likely to search for that device. If your website is not well optimized, you risk losing visitors after you appear in the listings. This is why, make sure all of your sites load rapidly, include pertinent information, and make it simple for visitors to find the answers.

How Can You Get Your Business Heard in the Voice Searches?

Voice search is still mostly underutilized. You’ll stay one step ahead of the competition if you optimize your website in addition to using traditional SEO techniques. You can consider how frequently you use voice assistants in your daily life, what the buyer would desire, and how you can meet that need by placing yourself in their position. 

Most importantly, remember that one of the most crucial resources you have for local voice search SEO is your online business profile.  So, don’t ignore it.


As you all get to know what voice search is and why it is evolving so popular for online marketing. Due to a significant shift of customers towards this function, SEO for searches by voice has become extremely important for your business. In the absence of it, you can face a huge lack and downfall in your revenues and customer base. But you need not worry as Digivend India is here to protect you from this risk. 

Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies, we provide highly exceptional and satisfactory SEO services, even one for Voice search as well. You must contact us today if you are keen to enjoy extremely impeccable services with overwhelming results and profits for your business.