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About us

Digivend Institute of Digital Marketing was started a decade by a team of eminent founders who have been persons behind various industries’ growth. They have 15 years of experience in various segments of industries, education services & projects. Itsheadquarters is in the heart of Delhi NCR (Noida), and now DigiVend became the best digital marketing institute in North India. Digivend Institute of Digital Marketing is one of the leading institutes in North India which supplies a full-fledged live digital marketing classroom training program. Here you can get a standardized level of training & support under Google Certified Trainers. Learn and work with our Industry Experts & Excel in Your Career. carrying all this ability we are the best digital marketing institute in Noida.

Digital Marketing need of the hour:-

It is an important most important factor for every industry and individual as in every sector there is a competition which divides the customers and less the business appearance less the business. Digital media is the only media through which industry or brand can reach everyone to keep or manage the brand in customers’minds into different mediums and portable devices through the internet, its less in cost and particular in reach so nowadays every industry needs digital marketing to reach people and do the business globally. level of digital marketing will increase day by day as people are being technical and using technical devices through industries can reach directly to everyone. It is important and useful if someone is going for a digital marketing course.

We will teach our students to life lessons on the whole subject of digital marketing, which will make learning digital marketing for you easier, solving all your educational problems. A video of the subject will also be provided, which you can use at any time You have to take a test after each of our subjects is read, if you have not passed that evaluate you have to re-read that subject. We deliver high-quality training that fulfils the industry expectation and gives an excellent platform to work in the competition. We provide real-time experience with live projects to our students so that they get industry experience.

Our Digital Marketing course in Delhi-NCR is unique, best in quality and industry-driven.Our approach followed in the course is to teach students to learn the techniques and apply them which leads to your growth. We allow students, and professionals to learn from the true experts, apply toreal-time projects & grow bigger in their careers. We have a purpose to train thousands of people in India and make skilled adolescence. We believe in the skills and talent of trainees. We focus just like rays of shine to them that they could reach their niche and make their own exclusive platform. We focus on brilliance training affinity with our principles. We support every tutee wherever they are stuck on any stuff. We too help them a one hundred per cent job help where they enhance themselves. Our course is tailored to meet the requirements of all age groups of users. Everyone can take advantage of our skills-based courses to create a winning career.

Why choode us Digivend

Why Choose Us?

We offer our learners the opportunity to develop several key digital marketing skills. For example, our introductory course on digital skills covers the basics of digital marketing. It also examines some of the most common strategies used and why it is such an important field. As well as general courses, we offer the opportunity to study individual channels and hone specific digital marketing skills. So, you will find the opportunity to gain experience about things like web analytics and social media.There are also courses on more theoretical aspects of the subject, such as market segmentation and customer insight.

After completion of the course, you would be able to get below boosts in your career. You would be specialized in the skills of Web Designing Knowledge (WordPress), Content Management, Blogging Skill, Expert Level SEO Skills, Keyword Management, Ranking on Top Positions, Google AdWords, Search, Display, Video, App advertisements, Social Media Optimization Skills, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Advertisements, Video Marketing, Earning Tricks from YouTube, Earning ideas from Amazon, Flipkart etc, Career Guidance, Placement Assistance and freelancing ideas.

DigiVend is the one the Digital Marketing Institute, whichsupports the quality of training at a very high level. We excel in the following:-

  • Services ordered are not for own but for commercial sale.
  • Latest & updated Course Content: We regularly, change our syllabus to keep ourselves and students up to date with the industry and latest technology.
  • Limited Students per Batch: Our course delivery module is completely different from a typical digital marketing institute. We run our batches with a very limited number of students and are very interactive (corporate style) so that individual problems and queries are attended tend easily and case studies can be discussed.
  • Everyday Practical Approach: We have designed our everyday classes with both concept discussion and Practical Work so that students get motivated to do new things every day rather than waiting for special practical classes.
  • Career Guidance: Our Senior mentors guide students and prepare them for the interviews with start from resume preparation to subject knowledge.
  • Soft Skill Improvement: Our corporate training environment, helps students to enhance their Soft Skills, Communication English, Basic computer knowledge etc, which is very much essential for the jobseeker.
  • Popular & Experienced Trainer: Our Trainers are the Top Digital Marketing professionals & Successful entrepreneurs in North India with more than 12+ years of experience, who share their experience and inspire young talents.

Brand awareness, lead generation, and other online activities that help to make a business more profitable were always engaged by the digital marketer. Nowadays, it is becoming a necessity for businesses to have an online presence, and for that, they need the help of digital marketing companies to increase their online presence. Digital marketing contributes at least 30% of the direct income of a company engaged in digital marketing to its products and services. With plenty of opportunities and beautiful pay in the field, this is the perfect time to join a digital marketing course. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to pursue a career in this field. This is the perfect time to join a digital marketing institute and DigiVend supplies the perfect courses.