Skyscraper technique for success

How you can use the Skyscraper Technique for success?

The main idea behind the “skyscraper” technique in digital marketing is very straightforward. When you are working on the content, your main goal is to make it longer and more informative as compared to other content available online. If your competitors have amazing posts for the keywords you want to target then you will need to make your content even better. Here we have discussed the skyscraper technique in detail and also what common mistakes people make while implementing this technique. 

What Exactly is the SEO skyscraper Technique?

The Skyscraper technique is an SEO link-building strategy. In this, you sign the top-ranking content that has backlinks from reputable publishers. You create your own version of the content but obviously better and then offer your content as a replacement linking option for publishers. The main goal of skyscraper techniques is to improve your backlink profile. When you improve on popular content in your niche then you can steal its backlinks and earn more links in the future. 

How can you make SEO Skyscraper more effective?

You can also receive organic backlinks. When you write quality posts and promote them on social media, you rank well on search engines and backlinks will come. It also takes time to rank search engines and you cannot always plan what will go viral on social media. This is where the Skyscraper Technique for link building helps you. 

How you can implement the Skyscraper Technique?

This SEO strategy; Skyscraper Technique has three steps at its most basic level and here we have discussed those.

Step1: With reputable backlinks find the relevant content

The first step in the Skyscraper technique is to find the content of your niche with a backlink. You can target the content in two ways. Both of these ways can be achieved with keyword search tools.

  • Competitor Domain

The first way is to look at the competitor domains. You can narrow it down to the content that has the greatest number of backlinks. After this, you can create content that improves upon that specific piece of content. 

  • Keyword

The second way is using the keyword strategy. In this, you look at the keywords that you want to target. You can also do this by using the keyword ideas tool. With such tools, you can search for the initial keywords to learn the monthly search volume, cost per click, and also the SEO difficulty. The main goal of this is to pick the content that has the most backlinks. Because the greatest number of backlinks indicates that the content is currently the best on the topic. You can also target more than one content piece at a time.

Step 2: Create a better version of the content

The next step of the technique is improving another website’s content. You can do so by considering the following areas.

  • Length of the content

The first thing that you should consider is the length of the post. While the longer content is not always considered better content, you may find the opportunity to add or expand upon the sections that the original material overlooked. 

  • Depth of the content

The main goal of the content is to be as actionable as possible. So, you can achieve this by filling in the blanks that are left by your competitor. You can add implementable steps and some utilizing examples. Always remember that more content does not mean that it is better. You should only go as deep as it would be available to the general public. 

  • The freshness of the content

When you create content using Skyscraper Technique, you have the advantage of freshness. Your piece will be the newest and most up-to-date. You have to look at the content that you are hoping to replace. If you see any broken links, out-of-date stats, or old versions of software features in the screenshots of the content. You can provide freshness and relevancy with your content.

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Step 3: Reaching out to people

Step three of the technique is complex but also the most important. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. You need to do a little bit of research and draft an email template to send to all of your contacts at once. It is not spamming, in this, you reach out to those who have already linked to the specific content that you have improved.

You can find these people by pasting the URL of the original piece into the site explorer and going to the backlinks report. This report will show all the backlinks to the page. 

What are the Common Mistakes that people make with the SEO Skyscraper Technique?

You can increase the effect of the Skyscraper Technique by avoiding the following mistakes.

  • Do not overestimate your reach

Many people make the mistake of overestimating their reach. Always choose the target domain very carefully, especially when you are starting out. You should aim for those within your domain authority range. When you gain more backlinks, you can gain even more domain authority. You can find your DA score and those of the domains that you are looking to replace using various tools

  • You are targeting the wrong keyword

When you target a keyword that is very broad, you are going to be swamped with results. You should look for more specific keywords. You should know your audience and target the specific keywords that speak to their needs. This will be very helpful in ensuring the success of your backlink-building campaign. 

  • Faulting to personalize your outreach

Anchor text is a very good indication that websites can link to one URL for several reasons.

With segmentation, you can personalize the email template that you are sending.

Final Verdict

Networking is verge skyscraper your backlink profile. This is important in any content marketing strategy, especially in building a backlink profile. The skyscraper technique will help you create high-quality content with the objective of replacing backlinks on referring domains. With the above-mentioned steps, you can find the relevant content, improve it, and then reach out to referring domains. This will help you to build an exceptional backlink profile.